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September 2014


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Enhance and Improve Your IT Business

In association with CompTIA and Software Alliance Wales

Enhance and Improve Your IT Business in association with CompTIA and Software Alliance Wales

This workshop is aimed at small IT and technical business owners; introducing fundamental IT business operations and procedures, to ensure sustainable, continuous business improvement.

The day is divided into two halves; the first session will be delivered by an experienced ICT business consultant, who has spent years supporting small technical businesses to improve and grow. The workshop will deliver education from CompTIA, one of the world’s largest non-profit, vendor-neutral IT trade associations.

As we’re all aware, the technology sector is continuously evolving. What once fuelled profitability and revenue is changing, with businesses shifting from transactional product sales and break-fix, to incomes generated from more virtual products and services; increasingly influenced by trends like cloud computing. Customers have more options than ever to fulfil their technology needs, so there is a clear imperative for tech companies to find a way to stand out from the crowd, by providing exceptional value. As companies begin to think about new ways of doing business, they also need to take a hard look at what they are doing right now. Stopping margin decline requires a strong handle on operational and process efficiencies, an area that this workshop will to address.

The second, optional session, gives attendees a fantastic opportunity to book a one-to-one session with an authorised CompTIA Assessor, where they will validate your business, to ensure you have the fundamental procedures, policies and processes in place. If successful, your business will be awarded the CompTIA IT Business Trustmark, and automatic premium membership (together worth £279.17 +VAT) to CompTIA – giving you access to their wealth of resources and education.

If you would like to take up this opportunity at the event, you will need to do a small amount of preparation beforehand and note that there is a cost of £279.17 + VAT, which needs to be paid prior to assessment but can be done so on the day. However, eligible business can receive a subsidy from Software Alliance Wales - 80% for SMEs, meaning you only pay £55.83 + VAT.

There is also a chance to find out more about CompTIA – from their research papers, business tools and individual certifications, through to networking opportunities, philanthropy and their IT Business Trustmarks Programme, by talking with Kris Nagamootoo who will be available to network with during the break.

Learning Objectives: 

During this workshop participants will learn about the… 

  • Key steps to better operational efficiency and improved profit margins for your IT business 
  • Fundamental tech business processes, policies and procedures all good IT business should have 
  • Business benefits of external assessment and industry benchmarking.