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September 2014


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Software UI & UX

Do your developers and customers talk a different language? 

If you are a business owner, product developer, software programmer or business analyst involved in the design and creation of mobile, distributed and/or software systems, this course will give the skills and principles needed to bridge that gap. 

You will learn well-established usability concepts and principles which will provide the techniques you need to build improved customer focused products, software and systems.

During this 2-day course, attendees will be introduced to the theories and practises of good interface design, learn about useful design processes and how to implement them.

We will cover good design practice, ensuring excellent user-friendliness in a system, walking you through the process with a number of practical sessions. The practice of prototyping, which allows for quick and simple alterations to the design of a system, is covered as one of the essential steps to make sure these principles are met. Another important feature of interface design is evaluating the product and this course covers a series of simple methods to achieve this.

Learning Objectives: 

• What do we mean by Usability?
• What is Human-Computer Interaction?
• Usability concepts
• Usability design process
• Rapid prototyping
• Useful apps
• Evaluation methods


Laptops required