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Free Online Courses

FutureLearn offers a diverse selection of courses from leading universities and cultural institutions from around the world. These are delivered one step at a time, and are accessible on mobile, tablet and desktop, so you can fit learning around your life. Partners Include the Open University.

OpenLearn: The home of free learning from the Open University Courses are either adapted extracts from Open University courses - the same as the ones studied by our students - or complete open courses exclusive to OpenLearn.

OpenLearn Cymru: The home of free learning from the Open University in Wales Offers a suite of resources through the medium of Welsh, useful resources about Wales and other about subjects useful to vocational learners in Wales.


Business, Management and Law How to sustain a start-up (Open University)
Advertising in a global context (Open University)
Innovation in the UK: Good, but not enough? (Open University)

Managing large projects and measuring sustainability (Open University)
60 second adventures in economics: The Principle Of Comparative Advantage (Open University)
e-Commerce (Bangor University)
Rural Enterprise Toolkit (Open University)
Human resources: recruitment and selection (Open University)
Make an impact: sustainability for professionals (Future Learn)
Managing people, engaging your workforce (Future Learn )

Chemistry, Biology and Engineering Evan Davis: Engineering the future (Open University)
Computing and IT

Source of denial (Open University)
Introduction to Bsiness IT (Future Learn with the Open University)

Employment, Work-Search Skills

Climbing the Ladder (Open University)
The importance of interpersonal skills (Open University)
Using voluntary work to get ahead in the jobs market (Open University)
Get started with online learning (FutureLearn with the Open University)
Mindfulness for well-being and peak performance (FutureLearn)


Chinese at the tip of your tongue: A glimpse of Chinese (Open University)
Croeso: Beginners' Welsh (Open University)
'Y Porth' – the gateway to Welsh medium resources (Coleg Cymraeg Cenedlaethol)

Natural Sciences and the Environment

From the bright lights of Bangkok (Open University)
Missing piece of the puzzle (Open University)
Brixton: transitioning to a low-energy future (Open University)


Psychology of Happiness: Does positive psychology have value in the real world? (Dr John Parkinson, Bangor University)
PowerPoint Presentation
Listen to Lecture 1

Psychology of Happiness: Communicating positivity: skills to encourage positivity in others (Dr Fay Short, Bangor University)
Prezi Presentation
Listen to Lecture 2


Free OpenLearn Skills courses ranging from 'Learning to learn' to 'Key skill assessment' and 'Essay and report writing skills'.

Free OpenLearn Cymru Skills courses which includes 'Refresh your study skills' and 'The importance of interpersonal skills'.

Get started with online learning (Future Learn with the Open University)

Sport Science and Outdoor Activities Sport and Emotional Expression:  Ain't no mountain high enough - Mountaineers' great (emotional)expectations (Dr Tim Woodman, Bangor University)

PowerPoint Presentation

Sport and Emotional Expression:  Performance pressure is like chocolate - Some people can devour as much as they want without any negatives whilst others suffer (Dr Gavin Lawrence, Bangor University)
PowerPoint Presentation